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Acting for Out-of-School Children

High dropout and repetition rates in early grades and low secondary registration remain a persistent challenge in Cambodia today.

The Cambodia Consortium for Out of School Children is a collaborative project in which Khemara participates, funded by Educate A Child and implemented by Action Education (AE). The project’s core purpose is to support marginalized, out-of-school children (OOSCs) have access to equitable, quality and relevant primary education.

Khemara works to remove economic and language barriers in order to facilitate access back to school for OOSCs in 30 primary schools in Tboung Khmum province.


Multi-lingual Education

One of our main actions for OOSCs is to implement multi-lingual classes for the Cham-speaking children from the local Cham minority. Those classes are meant to facilitate the transition to the national full-Khmer curriculum.


To do so, Khemara trains and selects Cham-speaking teachers assistants. As of 2023, we have 12 MLE classes currently running for a total of 334 Cham students.


Remedial Classes

Designed with school directors and adjusted so as to better adapt to children’s schedules and religious practices, remedial classes have been implemented in the project’s 30 primary schools. Children with learning difficulties are provided special educational support, to avoid them dropping out but also to prevent grade repetitions.


Trainings and workshops

Khemara has organized two semestrial workshops to strengthen the capacity of the school support committee. 

Those workshops allow stakeholders to share experiences and discuss issues among themselves to improve capacity building measures and compose an inclusive school development plan.


Enrollment Campaigns

Khemara is promoting education directly in communities as the NGO organizes annual enrollment campaigns in each school’s area. Working with actors such including local leaders, school directors, and community committees such as the School Support Committees and the Commune Committees for Women and Children, Khemara works to reach out to a high number of families and encourage parents to enroll their children to school but also to better supervise their children's attendance.  


In-kind Study Support

Khemara aims to remove all barriers to children’s access to school whether lingual, financial or geographical. To answer those challenges, Khemara provides support to children including school supplies and transportations (bicycles). Overall, since the start of the prject, 675 children have been supported by Khemara.


Schools' Rehabilitation

Khemara is ensuring proper and durable infrastructures in the 30 primary schools for all students. As of 2023, we have managed to rehabilitate 11 handwashing facilities, repairing 9 of them and setting up 2 new ones.

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