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Child Care Centers

Launched in 1991, Khemara's oldest ongoing project aims at addressing early childhood challenges in Cambodia through the strengthening and expansion of kindergartens’ capacities.

Through the implementation of Child Care Center in target areas, Khemara promotes and provides early education, guarranteeing safety, proper nutrtition and child care for children between 3-6 years old whilst allowing parents to work and focus on income-generation activities.

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Early Childhood Education

Khemara offers quality education in both Khmer and English. Besides the classes on mathematics, English, Khmer, science, and learning of the surrounding wildlife, children also have time for drawing and drama lessons.

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Proper Nutrition

Khemara’s work toward its beneficiaries’ health also includes food support. It takes two forms:

- providing healthy and balanced meals three times a day for the children attending the kindergarten,

- distributing food supplies to the families


A Safe Place

To ensure children’s fulfillment, the kindergartens are equipped with playgrounds, toys and a dedicated nap room.


Proper Infrastructures

Khemara's Child Care Centers are fuly renovated, or newly built, kindergartens are decorated by the teachers and Khemara’s staff. They all provide WASH facilities: toilets, hand-washing facilities and water fountains.

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Access to Health

In the Child Care Centers, Khemara offers medical check-ups to its beneficiaries every two-weeks.


These medical check-ups also include monitoring, dental check-ups and medical support in case of serious problems.

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