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Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls

Engaged to improve the lives of Cambodian women, Khemara passionately works to ensure gender equality and guarrantee that women recognize their rights and that those rights are protected and respected.

Working directly within villages, among community committees and in collaboration with local heads, Khemara aims at creating a new space for victims to express themselves. This space is led by individuals who have experienced gender-based violence, or are specialized and trained on the matter, and are therefore able to understand the victims' reality and properly respond to their needs and show them adequate solutions.


Focused on intersectionality, Khemara organizes training sessions within the community targetting both women and couples.

Our goal is to enhance the comprehension of gender inequality, so that women can spot and denounce controlling and violent behaviors, and that both women and men are educated on the respect of consent, the correct behavior to adopt in case of violence, and the already existing tools to properly respond to abuse.

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Gender-Based Violence Response Groups

Our main purpose is to created solidarity groups thatinclude all actors involved in the protection of victims.

Those groups include health center staff, police officers, judiciary and social workers, along with members of the Commune Committee for Women and Children. These groups' main responsibility is to allow victims to open up and report cases of violence, so that an effective and quick response can be provided before any aggravation.


16-Days Campaign

Held in collaboration with local authorities and occuring every year, this campaign aims to increase the involvment of young people in preventing and responding to gender-based violence.


Self-Help Groups

Organized by women for women, these groups break the isolation that follows violence by bringing victims together. Gender-based violence victims can share their experience with women who lived, or still live, in the same reality. Self-help groups are also a great way to empower the community as they create a force to be reckoned and help raise the issue of gender-based violence in communities, giving a united voice of victims.

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