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To prevent Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) and improve communities’ knowledge on Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), Khemara focuses on educating the youth. Not only is the youth at higher risk of contracting infections or engaging in dangerous situations, their education on SRH will benefit them all their life.

Talking about sexual and reproductive health subjects at a young age can be challenging as students tends to avoid, laugh, or be shy about such topics. This is why Khemara’s objective is to integrate itself in the school as much as possible and to break the barriers between students and the action.

Peer Educators : trainings, participation, action

Khemara works directly with some students to make them actors and representatives of Khemara’s project inside the schools. These students called “Peer educators” are the center of our actions and embody the operation.


Elected by their classmates and then trained by Khemara and our partners, the Peer Educators directly intervene in the school with their peers, receiving and answering their questions and inquiries. They also are key actors in the activities and events organized by Khemara all throughout the year.


Day to Day Education

The core of the action takes place every day, with the peer educators’ help, directly targeting the students.

Every two weeks, peer educators gather to speak about SRH related topics in front of the school. In addition, a question box is available for students to submit anonymous questions regarding sexual health - those inquiries are answered every month by peer educators in front of the class.


Mask Events

The Mask Event is an opportunity for students to gather in a playful and happy environment. During this time, priority is given to students’ expression and to helping them.

Multiple activities are organized by Khemara and peer educators, including a painting session where students paint with their hands and write what SRH means to them, a True or False quiz on SRH and STI-related subjects and a mask contest between all the students.

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