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Distributing donations in our Child Care Center (Koh Dach Island)

Updated: Feb 7

Khemara's team, along with our Executive Director, came to Koh Dach Island to visit Khemara's Child Care Center and distribute donations to the children.

Donations included new pillows, plushies and games for the children, along with second-hand toys for the Child Care Center's playgrounds.

Children in the Child Care Center are aged 3 to 6 years old; they study, eat and nap at the center. This allows parents to go out to work knowing that their children are being well taken care of, playing, learning and eating properly.

This project is an inherent part of our commitment to improve Early Childhood Development in Cambodia.

To know more about our actions for Early Childhood Development, and about our other Child Care Centers in Bati and Tram Kok, click here.


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