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Low-Income household struggles to send children to school: A mother's heartfelt story

Updated: Jan 26

Khemara visited Krouch Chhmar District where we implement our Consortium for Out of School actions. There, we met with parents whose children we enrolled in schools and whom we provide in-kind support to.

Suen is a farm worker from Krouch Chhmar, mother of 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls).

I have always wished to send my kids to school but it is too expensive and we do not have enough money.

Suen and her husband (who works as a construction worker) only make 10$ a day which, with all their expenditures, makes it very difficult to live and support their 4 children. In the past, they had to buy school materials for their children but could not pay in time and struggled with paying the seller back in time. She recalled that it was a very difficult situation.

Being able to send my children to school is very important for me. My husband and I are illiterate. I don’t want my kids to follow the same path as me; I want a better future for them and I’ll try everything and do anything to give it to them.

Today, with Khemara’s support, she can send her children to school with all the material they need and still save some money for other expenditures. She told us that this is such a relief for her family and it is the first time she has received this kind of help.

Suen watches her son receive his school bag and school material as part of Khemara's in-kind support program


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