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Providing Support for Newly Enrolled Children from Low-Income Families through In-Kind Donations

Today, Khemara distributed school material to scholarship students (from low-income households), as part of its Consortium for Out of School Children Project.

All 375 newly enrolled students, from the 15 new schools benefiting from the program, received a school bag and school material such as books and pens.

The opening event took place at the Krouch Chhmar District Hall. Among the participants, we could count 42 beneficiaries (25 children, 17 parents), 5 Khemara staff including Khemara Executive Director Phallany Koy and COOSC Project Officer Vanna Vannak), 15 local authorities including the District Governor Orn Eng Lay, and 4 event staff and teachers.

Only one school attended the opening event while the other 14 schools will receive the materials the following days.


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