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Workshop on Women's Economic Empowerment in Cambodia

Khemara's team participated in a workshop organized by the organization Planête Enfants & Development this 31st of January.

Khemara was invited to introduce its actions and present its vision of Women Empowerment. Our Technical Advisor Anastasia Topp stepped up to represent Khemara in the discussions, as our Executive Director had prior commitments.

Khemara introduced its project for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls, that contributes actively to our efforts for gender equality and women's rights.

This was an amazing oppotunity to meet other NGOs involved in the fight for gender equality. Khemara has learnt a lot from the discussions and will gladly take part in similar events in the future.

Furthermore, we talked about how all of our programs are intrinsically linked by their contribution to women's empowerment : providing women with education on their sexual, reproductive and maternal health, allowing them to focus on sustainable income generation activities thanks to accessible childcare and capacity building trainings but also, and most importantly, including and involving them in all of our actions to make them actors in all decision making processes.

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