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Khemara Child Care Center on Koh Dach Island



Our programs all aim to reach those who are most in need in the community. KHEMARA is a grassroots organization engaging directly with communities. 

The single purpose of these programs is to improve the lives of Cambodian women and children, by promoting the capacity, empowerment and wellbeing of communities.

With its Child Care Centers, Khemara empowers communities since 1991 !

In those centers, we provide quality education, food, and WASH facilities to 227 children under 6 years old, while allowing parents to focus on income generating activities.

Eliminating gender-based violences is one of the main objectives of Khemara. To ensure that no girls or women suffer from them, Khemara is committed to guarranting victims' safety and access to justice, as well as providing training to raise awareness and empower women, girls, and their communities.

To educate on healthy behaviors and avoid the spreading of HIV, Khemara is directly working with students in 4 high schools. Through the training of peer educators and the organization of events, Khemara is actively raises awareness about STIs and Sexual and Reproductive Health.

Khemara is actively working towards the long-term empowerment of communities. To this end, we are organizing trainings within communities about healthy behaviors such as water use, nutrition and contraception, collaborating closely with local health centers.

The rural communities of Cambodia are particularly vulnerable to climate change. In order to strengthen their response to those new challenges, Khemara is organizing trainings, constructing wells, and providing farmers with farming materials such as seeds or chickens.

School drop-out is an important concern in Cambodia, especially in rural areas and within minority groups. This is why Khemara is implementing, as a member of the Consortium of Out of School Children, a program to bring children back to school and help them complete their courses.




Improving the lives of Cambodian women and children

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