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Climate Change Resilience
& Food Security

In Cambodia, the rural population, especially land-poor, landless and/or women-headed households, constitute a particularly vulnerable community.


Global warming, malnutrition and poor health education are common challenges that need to be addressed for rural communities, especially women and children, to be protected and empowered.

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Climate Change Resilience

To help rural communities adapt their agricultural practices to climate circumstances, Khemara is working with local authorities and the Department of Agriculture to provide technical trainings and workshops to self-help groups.

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Income Generation & Production

Khemara provides trainings in agricultural techniques and livestock breeding, organizes 2-days sessions on family garden farming, livestock husbandry techniques and food processing, and provides additional grant support (vegetable seed and agriculture material) to the beneficiaries.

We also offer vocational trainings and specific courses for the youth of covered area’s villages.

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Community Kitchen

Cooperating with health centers in its covered area, Khemara organizes semestrial “Community Kitchen” sessions.

Those include courses on nutritious food preparation for babies under 2 years-old, instructions on pregnancy check, iron and folic acid supplements for pregnant women and vaccination for under 2 infants, on the benefits of breastfeeding but also on the dangerous symptoms to be aware of concerning new mothers’ and newborns’ health.

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1.000-Days Campaign

This awareness campaign aims at educating mothers and caregivers on the 1000-day cycle, from inception in the womb until the infant is 24 months old.


Future and new mothers participating in this program learn about the need for periodic health checkups, the importance and specificities of child and pregnancy nutrition, safe hygiene practices, and the healthy weight and height of a baby at a certain age.

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Well Construction

Khemara engages in the construction of wells to facilitate access to water for rural populations in the project's target areas.


In 2022, the project led to the successful construction of 12 wells, set by Khemara reaching 54 households. And in May 2023 only, Khemara had already set 5 new water wells in Cheurteal Ti Mouy Village, Srei Seam Village and Chroy kor Village.


Home Visits

Assisted by commune chiefs and Commune Committee for Women and Children, chiefs of local health centers, deputies, midwives, and heads of villages, Khemara organizes home visits to monitor parents’ change of behaviors such as pregnant women’s monthly attendance to health check-ups, the family’s implementation of a healthy nutritious diet and mothers’ breastfeeding of babies at least 8 to 12 times a day.

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