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Fair Budget Event in Toul So Phi Commune

As part of our project with The Coalition for Partnership in Democratic Development (CPDD) called "Promoting the Transparent and Accountable Management of Local Funds in Cambodia", Khemara took part on June 9 in a campaign on Tuol So Phi commune (Ou Range Ov district, Tboung Khmum province) Fair Budget for 2024.

Overall, the objective is to enhance the capacity of district and municipal councils in budget management, including planning, expenditure control, financial reporting and compliance with regulatory requirements. In Cambodia, districts and communes play a crucial role in managing public finance, because they oversee local development initiatives and provide essential services to residents within their jurisdictions. Therefore, our project with CPDD proposes trainings on budget management to improve transparency, accountability and efficiency in the allocation and utilisation of public funds.

In Toul So Phi Commune, many different partners gathered at the commune’s hall: Mr. Sou Sophal (Tuol So Phi Commune Chief), Ampil Tapok Commune Chief, Chak Commune, Mean Commune and Pratheat Commune, NGO Coordinating Officers, the director of the commune health center, doctors and the post chief. There were also a lot of inhabitants of all ages, which is really necessary to improve democratic development. The training was organized by Khemara in collaboration with commune authorities, and focused on sub-national budget management through a participative discussion. All of this is encouraging for our project: this kind of training on budget management will be extended to other communes in Tboung Khmum provinces.

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